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The first big JOTI event was arranged in Finland in 1997. After that an association called The Net Scouts of Finland was formed. One of its tasks is to maintain this JOTI website

Finnish scouts and guides chat on Scoutlink channels where the main channel is #suomi. Also IRCnet channels #partio and #scouting are very popular.

In Finland we have our own JOTI badge which requires making a JOTI webpage. We use also nordic JOTA/JOTI badge. Rangers and rovers have an "extreme badge" called IRC-lilja (IRC-lily), whose different levels include spending 18 to 42 hours (!) on IRC.

On this website there are also the JOTI-kartta (=JOTI map), where JOTI participants collect their JOTI contacts. You can see there contacts on maps of Finland (scouting districts) and of the world (scouting countries). On JOTI 2002 on Finnish participant made contact to scouts and guides in 66 countries! Present JOTI-kartta users are shown on the map on the right side of this page.


The Net Scouts of Finland

Nettipartiolaiset ry is a scouting / guiding association that was founded in 1998. The goal of the association is to further scouting / guiding activities in the Internet. In practice this is done by administering the server and by supporting the JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) event in Finland. All the members of the association can be reached via email with their email aliases. The association is a member of the local WOSM / WAGGGS member The Guides and Scouts of Finland.



The association was formed of a distributed group that called itself in Finnish "#partiolaiset" (freely translated #scouts). It was founded in spring 1998. The group enjoyed hanging out on IRCnet channel #partio (#scouting).

It all began out of an extremely stylish domain name, that was found to be free. In addition there was an idea about the WWW server of the Finnish scouts and guides. This led to registering an association and buying the domain. Thus scouts and guides in the 'net had become Net Scouts (in Finnish "Nettipartiolaiset", the association name).

September 16th 2007 Nettipartiolaiset ry was accepted as a class B member of the Guides and Scouts of Finland, the Finnish scouting and guiding roof organization. Class B members are nationwide associations that further the scouting ideals.

Since 2007 almost all worlds ScoutWikis are hosted on servers of The Net Scouts of Finland.


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